So the Fifty Shades of Gray Grey trailer is out…

It’s funny because I kind of know the guy who owns all that Pony. I’ve bought a few things from him before.

It’s funny because I kind of know the guy who owns all that Pony. I talk to him on skype almost every day.


story of my life
normal person is the finger without soap
im the finger with soap

wow, I haven’t been on ages.

So much happened. My cat got cancer and had the surgery. He is still needing his collar coz he keeps opening up his ear. 

 I need to finish few commissions.. 

I also need to think about possibly moving in a year.

 Summer reached us finally and now im melting…

Also bought One Piece Kaizoku Mosou. I hope there is JP voices or I might need to import the game.. Heard ForKidz voices were bad.

I wonder what should I draw tho.. I been drawing a lot to my sketch book..

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My cat had an surgery 3 days ago. He had a tumor in his ear. His name is Horu and he is 9 years old cat. He has a brother and he acts like a mother to two kittens. (he also had a pancreas infection just two weeks ago)
 Many compliment me for taking care of my cat and I agree. I would do anything for my babies.. but the cold fact is that taking care really costs.. So did this surgery. It was 300€ and that really hurt my pocket really bad.
 What is even worse is that he needs an injection as well as his teethes cleaned along with his brother before they get mouth cancer.. and currently I am a little out of clues what to do to raise such an amount.. It should cost around 200€. Soma, the brother on lower image, has an astma. It dosn’t really effect much of his life except that he can’t run. 

 On top of that.. Horu has very sensitive stomach. If he dosn’t eat every 5 hours he pukes. If you give him regular food, he pukes. It has to be either fully natural or for delinquent cats. Of course such food is half more costly than regular one. Lucky they are not picky with their litter sand.

 But I really need to figure out something to raise up 200€. I finally had money to get those injections but yeah.. taking care of that tumor took priority.

….so..uh.. anyone interest in buying art?

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((Every time I reblog my commission post I get someone bitching about my prices.




hello anon

if her new landlord, utilities, and assorted bill collectors will not settle for a pittance of cash then…

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the grey area



A regular day in TUMBLR (original gifs from nitehawkcinema)

Yes. Yes.

I reblog this because the very next post was “reblog if…”
I find it humorous. 

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I need to draw again..